During creation

Zsuzsa Keresztes
Ceramist and sculptor, form a picture of rags

In the past decades, often by mere chance, I have had the opportunity to explore different fields of art. Not only did I consider them as a search for my true path but also as a challenge that comes with my profession.

Thanks to the Márffy School I have had the opportunity to learn the basis of many branches of art. Eventually, among many of them, drawing has lingered on as my eternal love.

I have drawn on silk and done marquetry. As a ceramist I have been commissioned works by institutions and public authorities.
For the MTV Scenic Laboratory and also several theatres I have prepared parts of backdrops, statues and masks.

In 1995 my pictures made of bits of fabric were born. Picasso said: "Art washes away the dust of everyday life from the soul". In fortunate cases both the artist and his/her viewers can benefit from this cleansing. The view of an artwork has the power to heal, to soothe passions and feelings.
With my paintings and my pictures made of bits of fabric I would like to immortalize the ephemeral beauty, memory, ambiance, light and its shadows, and joyfulness of the colours so as to create and propagate harmony in this troubled and hurried life of ours.

In the past I exhibited my art in more than 150 events both individually and together with other artists.

I have been awarded many prizes by OKIT: in Keszthely, Komárom and Miskolc. I have regularly won awards and distinctions in the yearly

BOR-KÉP-TÁR competitions in Balatonfüred. I won first prize in the National Competition in Vonyarcvashegy .

My large painting (160x60 cm) of Saint Margaret from the Árpád dynasty has been enshrined for eternity inside Saint Francis Church in Segesd.

In addition to the aforementioned exhibitions I took part, by invitation, in several events: in Vienna (four times), Cyprus, Montenegro, Luxembourg (twice); in Fülek, Slovakia, in Umiz, Austria. I also joined a traveling exhibit in five Bulgarian cities.

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